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Our Bacon Bullibone is a satisfying and healthy toy for your dog. Our ergonomic paw pad handles and intuitive design makes our bones easy for dogs to grip– after all, they don’t have thumbs! Each Bullibone is permeated with REAL BACON and the shape provides your dog with hours of chewing pleasure.

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Bullibone is mindblowing !- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is adored by my golden doodle! In his first year, we only had to purchase 2, so it lasts a while. Particularly when I'm too busy working from home, Louie enjoys gnawing on this. a need! Giving this as a Christmas present to my canine "nephew"!

Maria L. - New York, USA

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"The ideal chew item for my picky chewer. She cherishes them!" -


These bones are great for chewers, teething pups, or even elderly dogs! I’m careful with our hard chewers as they can get through one of these with constant chewing in a week. They can be highly focused on one thing, so to divert my dogs from chewing what they shouldn’t; these bones are well worth the money. I even bought a small one for our Jack Russell sized dog and he loves it.

John Harvey - Wyoming, USA

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It is a game changer! -


My adorable pooch loves to gnaw on this, which I purchased for him. He chews aggressively. He therefore requires something that won't shatter easily. The bone is excellent. He enjoys chewing it and is constantly eager to do so.

Jennifer D. Michigan, USA

Bullibone Designed For Dogs Natural Instincts & Abilities

Our enjoyable, simple, and easy-to-use chew toys help dogs naturally strengthen their teeth, remove plaque, increase blood flow, and enhance dental health. Giving our dogs only the best is something we are passionate about! All of our bullibones are made in the USA using the best ingredients available.

Bullibones are ideal for all breeds of dogs. These toys not only prevent your dog from gnawing on your favorite pair of shoes, but they also offer a quick way to maintain healthy teeth and gums as part of a routine oral care regimen. The toy provides entertainment for your dog, and you benefit from a contented, healthy pet.

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Benefits of Bullibone ™

Paw Pads

If you've ever observed your dog trying to chew on something, you've probably seen their tiny paws positioning the object just so they can get a good grasp and begin chewing.

We created our toys with paw pad handles that the dogs may use to prop their toys up and get a good angle on chewing after observing dogs doing this.

When your dog intuitively uses the paw pad handles right away, you and your friends will be impressed.

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Interactive and Fun

We have items that cause dogs to jump with delight as they whirl around.

We have chewable toys that are simple to prop up.

We offer toys that you may decorate with peanut butter or other treats.

We have playthings that resemble toothbrushes.

We offer toys that are entertaining, simple to use, and created with your dog in mind.

Chew Head

The majority of individuals don't brush their dogs' teeth often enough to preserve their best dental health.

Give your dog something to chew on that stimulates the gums, removes plaque, and helps clean teeth as a substitute for feeling guilty.

While the dog is having fun playing with the toys, the Bullibone Chew head is made to produce tiny bristles that solve these problems.

Bullibone Ingredients


Bullibones are extremely durable and have been found to improve tooth health as they are chewed. They contain just two components.

Bullibones maintain your dog's mental wellness by lowering stress and keeping them stimulated. By using up excess energy and occupying them, giving your dog a delectable Bullibone to chew can also assist with separation anxiety.

Bullibone Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bullibone ?

A Bullibone is a satisfying and healthy toy for your dog. Our ergonomic paw pad handles and intuitive design makes our bones easy for dogs to grip– after all, they don’t have thumbs! Each Bullibone is permeated with flavor and the shape provides your dog with hours of chewing pleasure.

What is a Spin-A-Bone ?

Spin-a-Bone is a long-lasting, ultra-satisfying chew toy that engages your dog and satisfies their chewing needs! This fun, interactive toy improves your dog’s oral hygiene and saves you money on their dental bills. The human gives it a spin and the dog catches the prey!

What is Treat Trap ?

The Treat Trap is a fun, challenging toy for your dog to flip over and retrieve their treat. It reduces tartar and plaque and helps maintain healthier gums, giving your dog fresher breath. Every time you come home your dog will walk up to you with the Treat Trap and beg for a treat!

What Are the Bullibones made of ?

Bullibones consists of simple ingredients: nylon and natural flavoring. Everything is sourced exclusively in the United States.

Are Bullbones edible ?

Bullibones are designed to be chew toys that promote good oral health and tooth cleaning. Although they can be swallowed in little amounts, they are not intended to be consumed. We advise replacing your Bullibone once a month, or after moderate use.

Where are Bullbones made ?

Bullibone products are manufactured and produced in the United States.

What is Reasonable wear ?

After prolonged chewing, if you notice significant chunks of the Bullibone coming off, we advise changing it straight immediately.

How Hard is a Bullbone ?

Bullibones are very tough, durable chew toys, intended for dogs who need something sturdy to chew. A quick press on the bone will show you just how hard a Bullibone is.

How long Does a Bullbone last ?

Bullibones can last your dog for a few days to a few weeks, depending on how aggressively they are chewed. Bullibone replacement is advised at least once each month. If your dog chews excessively, we advise changing every week or every two weeks.

What Flavours do the Bullbones come in ?

Bullibone flavors are bacon, peanut, and beef. Avoid introducing any Bullibone product into a household with an allergy to any of the following: peanuts, beef, pork or nylon.

How long will the flavour last on Bullbone ?

A Bullibone’s flavor lasts for a long time. Although you may not be able to smell the scent, your dog can certainly still taste and smell it.

What sizes do the Bullbones come in ?

Bullibones come in three sizes – Small, Large, and Extra Large. Small Bullibones are meant for small dogs, large are meant for medium and large-sized dogs, and extra-large is meant for very large dogs. Use caution with puppies, as we recommend only experienced chewers tackle a Bullibone.

Should i BUY this for my PUPPY ?

We do not recommend buying a Bullibone for puppies younger than 6 months due to the hardness of the chew toy.


We’re here for you and your dog if he or she has a bad experience! Please reach out to us at info@the-bullibone.com. Our team will respond as fast as possible and we will do what it takes to show you how much we care about dogs


Bullibones can be washed with hand soap and warm water. Try to keep it from extreme hot and cold temperatures.


Since we do use natural flavors, coloring, and scents, we recommend keeping away from really light-colored clothing and carpets.


You can purchase from official site click here


We do not typically sell Bullibones outside the US. Reach out to us at info@the-bullibone.com to inquire on these questions.

money back guarantee.


Bullibone offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the product, simply return it within 14 days for a full money back guarantee.

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